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Buying an electric stairlift? Summit Stairlifts supplies stairlifts from three leading brands. New and used. All custom-made entirely to your needs. At the best price and with the best service. We offer home stairlifts from the leading brands, including ThyssenKrupp (now TKE), UP Stairlifs and Acorn.

Our advisors know all the ins and outs of these brands and their models by heart. Together, you can determine what the best option is for your home, based on your preferences, your stairs and your budget.

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We have these stairlifts in stock as standard

Which stairlift is most appropriate for me?

You may perhaps already have an idea of what kind of stairlift you need. For example, if you have straight stairs, the decision is easy – although you will still have plenty to choose from: the brand, model and the options.


It becomes a bit more complicated when you have little space at the top or bottom of the stairs to park the seat. Or when you have stairs with a landing and a few curves. You may even require a stairlift for several floors. In these cases, you need professional advice.


Professional advice

Our colleagues have seen thousands of staircases. They can advise which stairlift is best suited for your stairs. They will also consider aspects that influence the choice of stairlift. This includes the space available on the landing, the mobility of the user, others using the stairs or lift, your budget, and much more.


Because every stair situation can vary, our advisors are happy to come by (free of charge) to discuss your needs. They will then give specific advice and provide an estimate without obligation. We are also happy to come install the stairlift on your basic, straight stairs, of course!

Some of our installed stairlifts

New or second-hand stairlifts

The Summit Stairlifts company supplies brand new stairlift models as well as mint-condition used models. And we even offer a hybrid stairlift: a stairlift that is partially new. Occasionally, there may not be a suitable second-hand rail available, we can then have one built for you. By reusing the seat, you will still benefit from an affordable solution.


Our preference and that of our customers usually leans toward a second-hand stairlift. The electric stairlifts that we reuse are top quality. These stairlifts feature all kinds of modern options and look as good as new. The difference lies in the price. Because at Summit, the warranty is included.

Summit Stairlifts Advice

Owning a stairlift in three easy steps

  1. Contact us on our website or give us a call at 1-866-963-3801 (toll free).
  2. We can discuss your situation, give you a price estimate and schedule an appointment.
  3. Our advisor will then visit your home to discuss your preferences and measure your stairs. You will immediately receive an estimate. If you agree to the estimate, we will start building your stairlift in the workshop and come to install it within a few weeks! Depending on the make and model, we can even install a stairlift at your home within 24 hours.


Our technicians won’t leave until everything has been neatly cleaned up and you feel comfortable using the stairlift. We take all the time we need to ensure you are satisfied!

What if my stairlift malfunctions?

We are at your service, even after installation. Our stand-by repair service is available 24/7. We have technicians throughout all of Southern and Central Ontario, so we can be at your home in a matter of hours in the event of an emergency. The Summit Team is ready to help! (And always open for a little chat.)


I’m afraid that a stairlift is just a little too expensive for me…

Don’t worry, and just give us a call. Let’s figure it out together!


Summit Stairlifts warranties

At Summit, you can rely on our warranties. We are proud to have you as our customer and we want our customers to be happy with us, too!

Summit Customers On The Couch

✔ Modern top-quality stairlifts, new and used with a lifetime warranty combined with maintenance.

✔3 premium brands: independent advice on the best make and model for your stairs and your budget

✔ Rush delivery within 24 hours is possible

✔ A reasonable price: no special discount prices, but with us, you can always rely on the best price

✔ Customized stairlifts

✔ Buy-back guarantee

✔ 24/7 stand-by repair service: and in the event of an emergency, out technicians can be dispatched to your home immediately

Our leading brands

Stairlift brands

We have three leading brands in stock! Summit Stairlifts supplies stairlifts from these premium brands:


  • ThyssenKrupp – The stairlifts of the German brand ThyssenKrupp are known for their durability and advanced engineering. These stairlifts are often highly suitable for reuse.
  • Acorn – The stairlifts of Acorn feature a unique system: the rail consists of several pieces instead of just one long piece, which means a rail can always be custom-made quickly.
  • UP Stairlifts – The award-winning UP stairlift comes supplied with a deluxe seat and can be delivered quickly.

Stairlift prices

The price of a stairlift depends on the make, model and the number of curves (or the lack thereof). The condition of the stairlift is also important: will you choose a new or used stairlift?

Curved Stairlift Illustration

The more curves a stairlift has, the higher the price.

Straight Stairlift Illustration

The straight stairlift is the most affordable stairlift there is, no matter which model or make you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are used stairlifts safe?

Definitely! Our used stairlifts are just as safe as the new stairlifts. The used stairlifts meet the same safety requirements and have been technically inspected before installation. For extra assurance, we only purchase newer, well-maintained used stairlifts made by the best brands. We also offer our Comfort Plan. This is how we are able to guarantee that the stairlift will continue to function properly long after installation.


Do stairlifts fit on every kind of staircase?

Yes, a new or second-hand stairlift can be installed on virtually every kind of stairs. The minimum width we require is 25 inches for straight stairs. If you are very tall and your stairs have curves, it could become a little cramped. Our seasoned advisors know exactly what will and will not work. Perhaps you have unique staircase made of marble or stone? That is not a problem either.


Can a stairlift be installed on very narrow stairs?

Yes, a stairlift can also be placed on narrow stairs. The minimum width required on the narrowest section is 25 inches. If you are unsure which option to choose, feel free to contact our advisors: they will often able to tell you over the phone whether your stairs are suitable.


What is the maximum load-bearing capacity (lbs.) of a stairlift?

On average, out stairlifts can carry 275 lbs. We also offer models that are built to hold 365 lbs.


How is a stairlift installed?

A stairlift is screwed onto the steps of the stairs and the floor, never onto the walls. If drilling on the steps is not possible, the stairlift will be glued on. This is also a strong and durable way to secure the stairlift.


Will my banister remain in place?

Most the stairlifts that we offer feature a single rail that runs along the steps. There are also models with a double rail. This makes the stairlift even more sturdy, but when the rail needs to be placed along the outer curve the banister will often need to be removed. The advantage of having that double rail is that the top rail often functions as a kind of “banister”.


How long will it take to supply the stairlift after my order?

After placing your order, it normally takes 3 weeks on average before we can install the stairlift. If the matter is urgent, installation is also possible within 24 hours. Installing a stairlift normally takes approximately 4 hours.


Do I receive a warranty on my second-hand stairlift?

All our second-hand stairlifts are thoroughly inspected and refurbished as needed. That is why we always provide a 1-year warranty. If you like, you can also buy a lifetime warranty in combination with our Comfort Plan!


What about the maintenance of the stairlift?

Every stairlift requires annual servicing. This applies to both new and used stairlifts.


Where are Summit Stairlifts’ services available?

Our company supplies stairlifts in all of Southern Ontario, Canada.


What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is a handy tool for people who can no longer go up or down the stairs on their own. A stairlift consists of a seat and a rail. The rail is mounted on the inner or outer curve of a staircase. The seat is powered by a motor and moves along the rail up and down the stairs.


The stairlift is normally designed to seat one person. This ensures that someone can safely go up and down the stairs again. There is a suitable stairlift for every staircase, whether it is straight, has one curve or has several curves.