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Frequently Asked Stairlift Questions

Answers to every stairlift question

We have listed all the questions about stairlifts that people have asked us over the years here. If your question is not among these, please contact us: we are happy to help!

Is a second-hand stairlift actually safe?

We only buy stairlifts from the leading brands: ThyssenKrupp, UP Stairlift and Acorn. These premium brands make durable stairlifts that will last for years. The stairlifts may not be any older than 8 years and must be in good technical condition. All of the stairlifts we buy are refurbished in our workshop. They are thoroughly inspected and parts are replaced when necessary. The stairlifts are then tested with and without a load. So, before these stairlifts are transported, we can safely say they function properly and meet all of the safety requirements!


  1. Tests: Safety is a priority at Summit. This is why your stairlift is thoroughly tested for 31 safety points by our specialists. Some examples include inspections of the brake protection, jamming protection, connectors, charging stations, etc.


  1. Refurbishing: All of parts of the stairlift that are prone to wear and tear are replaced. For example, your stairlift is always given new batteries. If necessary, you stairlift is custom-made to fit your stairs. The software program of the stairlift is then adapted to suit your stairs and the user of the stairlift.


  1. Customer requests: If you want your stairlift to not only function perfectly but to also look as good as new, you’ve come to the right place at Summit! Re-upholstering the seat and a fresh coat of paint for the rail are just a couple of the available options. It goes without saying that the seat of the stairlift is always clean.


Where does my used stairlift come from?

Summit collaborates closely with municipalities, housing corporations and other agencies. We also buy stairlifts from private individuals. These stairlifts must fulfill a number of requirements: we only purchase models from the three leading brands stated earlier, we do not purchase stairlifts older than 8 years and every stairlift must be in good condition.

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