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Summit Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
Like nearly all professional websites, this site uses cookies, small files that are downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. On this page, we describe what information we collect, how we use it and why these cookies are sometimes stored. We will also tell you how you can prevent these cookies from being stored on your computer, but that this downgrades or prevents certain elements of the functionality of the site. For more general information about cookies, please see the Wikipedia-article on cookies.


How we use cookies
We use cookies for various reasons which have been described below. Unfortunately, there are, in most cases, no industry-standard options to disable cookies without also disabling the functionality and functions which they enable on this site. If you are unsure whether you need specific cookies, but they are related to a service that you use, allowing all of them is recommended.


Disabling cookies
You can prevent the use of cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser (consult the Help function of your browser for more information). Remember that disabling cookies will influence the functionality of this website and many other websites. Disabling cookies will usually result in disabling a certain functionality or function of the site. That is why disabling cookies is not recommended.


The cookies we send


Cookies related to forms
When you provide us information by using the forms, such as those found on the contact pages or comment forms, cookies can be used to store your user information for future correspondence.


Third-party cookies
In some special cases, we also use cookies offered by trusted third parties. In the next section, we describe which external cookies you may encounter on this site.


Google Analytics
This site uses Google Analytics, one of the most widespread and trusted analytical solutions on the web, which helps us understand how you use the site and how we can improve your experience. These cookies can remember how much time you spend on the site and which pages you visit in order to ensure that we can continue to produce content that is relevant for you.


Tracking cookies
This site used cookies that enable us to make you personalized offers on the basis of your browsing behaviour. A cookie with a unique number is sent to your device via the website. This cookie makes it possible to recognize your device when you visit a website after ours which is also part of the same advertising network. This makes it possible for Summit Stairlifts to show you advertisements on those other websites. The data that is collected this way is only used by Summit Stairlifts to show you advertisements on other websites and these are not linked to other files.


More information
We hope this brief explanation has made things clearer for you. As mentioned previously, if you are unsure whether you need a cookie, it is typically safer to allow them when they may affect a function on our website.