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How much does a stairlift cost?

How much does a stairlift really cost? The price of a stairlift depends on 3 factors: the type of stairlift (straight or with curves), the options and whether the stairlift is new or second-hand.

But, one thing is sure: whether you choose a new or used stairlift at Summit, you will always be offered the very best price!

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The price of a stairlift

Three factors determine the price of a stairlift:


  • the type of stairlift
  • the condition of the stairlift – new or used
  • the options


Allow us to explain further.

Types of stairlifts

There are 3 types of stairlifts: straight stairlifts, stairlifts with one curve, and stairlifts with several curves. The general rule is: the more curves, the more expensive the stairlift. The price of a stairlift will go up if the stairlift needs to span more than one floor.


The most expensive part of the stairlift is the rail on which the seat is attached. The rail must follow the incline and the curves precisely. This means that straight stairlifts are the easiest to make – and to reuse. That is also why straight stairlifts are less expensive.


In practice, most people need a stairlift with one or more curves. This has to do with the shape of the staircase, but also with the amount of space required at the top of the landing for parking the seat.

New or second-hand stairlifts

By choosing a used stairlift instead of a new model, you will easily save thousands of dollars. Because Summit Stairlifts offers three different brands in its assortment, with both new and used models, we will almost always have the right stairlift for your budget.


As far as our stairlift prices are concerned, you can be sure that we will not raise our stairlift prices – only to offer a discount again later. We know how much stairlifts cost to purchase, how these need to be modified and what the margin is to keep our company running. That is exactly what we base our prices on. You are immediately offered our very best price, no nonsense.


Our advisor would be happy to stop by to give you an estimate.

The options

Automatic swivel seat, specially painted rail or specially upholstered seat. Extra options will increase the price of the stairlift. The more options you choose, the higher the price of the stairlift. All of the safety options are, of course, already included in the price as standard.


You also have several options when it comes to choosing the rail. The simpler the rail, the lower the cost. For example, by choosing not have a parking curve made, but to have the rail stop at the base of the stairs, you will lower the cost. The seat will then be parked at the bottom of the stairs. A rail along the outside is also cheaper because the it doesn’t have to be as steep when placed along the outside wall. For safety reasons, running the rail along the outside isn’t always desirable – the staircase must be wide enough for it.

Price differences among the leading stairlift brands

There are many price differences among the leading stairlift brands. That is why we have chosen the best of the best from among the various price ranges. This ensures that you will always receive the best value for your money. ThyssenKrupp stairlifts are the most exclusive stairlifts in our assortment. The Acorn and UP Stairlifts are the most budget-friendly brands.


If you would like to discuss these prices, please contact our advisors. They have a great deal of experience with stairlifts and can explain more over the phone. They can also explain more about stairlift reimbursements.

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Advice without any obligation

One of our advisors will visit your home to calculate the exact price of your stairlift. The advisor will measure your stairs and check our inventory to determine if we have a suitable stairlift for your stairs in stock.


You can discuss your preferences and other options with them. In most cases, we can immediately give you an estimate based on the measurements and your preferences. This way, you know exactly how much it will cost.

Stairlift reimbursements and grants

In Ontario, you may be eligible for the Senior’s Home Safety Tax Credit. Our advisor can tell you all about this reimbursement. Or check out our overview of all available grants.

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We believe that your stairs should never form an obstacle for you. Summit Stairlifts was founded for the sole purpose of helping people use their stairs at home again. And that is what we do, every single day. We are pleased to welcome you to our customer base and we want you to be saitisfied with us, too! That is why, at Summit, you can always rely on the following.


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