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Curved stairlifts

Stairlifts for stairs with curves

Summit supplies curved stairlifts in all shapes and sizes. Our vast inventory enables us to provide a suitable stairlift for virtually any stairs. Stairs with one or more curves, and with inner or outer curves, even for spiral staircases. We have these leading brands in stock: ThyssenKrupp, UP Stairlifts and Acorn.

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Couple With Curved Stairlift From Summit

Stairlifts for stairs with curves

Summit supplies stairlifts with curves in a wide range of models. Each leading brand has several models with various options. Our advisors are happy to help you choose the right model. The ThyssenKrupp Flow is ideal because the swivel angle can be adjusted for every curve, and UP Stairlifts offers the advantage of quick installation.

Inner curve or outer curve?

A curved stairlift is able to run along the inner or outer curve of your stairs. Most people choose to have their stairlift follow the inner curve if at all possible. The stairlift will then run along the smallest part of the stairs and the largest part of the stairs are left free for people walking the stairs. With stairlifts that run along the outer curve, only a small amount of room will remain free on the stairs. However, a stairlift that runs along the outer curve is often more affordable.


Our advisors are happy to visit your home to determine which stairlift will suit your stairs best. You will immediately receive an estimate without any obligation.

A few examples of installed stairlifts with curves

Top models for stairs with curves

In our experience, these models are best suited for stairs with one or more curves. These stairlifts are all easy to operate using the armrest controls and remote controls. And many come with an automatic swivel seat option. The ThyssenKrupp Flow and the UP are the only stairlifts that can be installed along the inner curve.

ThyssenKrupp Flow For Straight Stairs And Stairs With Corners On The Inside

ThyssenKrupp Flow

  • Award-winning stairlift
  • Available in the Flow 2 series and the newest model, the Flow X
  • Most popular stairlift
  • For all kinds of stairs: straight, curved, spiral stairs
  • Inner and outer curve
  • Suitable for very narrow stairs
  • Very comfortable seat that stays perfectly balanced during the ride
  • Wide range of upholstery options for the seat
  • Automatic swivel seat option
  • Single rail
  • 275 lbs.
ThyssenKrupp Flow X

ThyssenKrupp Flow X / S200

  • Latest model in the successful Flow series
  • All new design
  • Most modern engineering and safety features
  • For a quiet, smooth ride up or down the stairs
  • For straight stairs and stairs with curves
  • Outer and inner curve
  • Single rail
  • 275 lbs.
Acorn Stairlift

Acorn modular stairlift

  • For straight and curved stairs
  • Outer curve
  • The seat is fairly small, but this is the only model with dual controls (in both armrests)
  • Rush delivery is possible because the rail can be assembled on location
  • Retractable rail option in various sizes
  • Single rail
  • Max. 265 lbs.
UP Stairlift Straight

UP Stairlift

  • Made of recycled and recyclable materials
  • For straight and curved stairs
  • For inner or outer curves
  • Comfortable seat with deluxe appeal
  • Wide range of upholstery options
  • Automatic swivel seat and automatic retractable footrest
  • Rush delivery possible because the rail can be assembled on location
  • Single rail
  • Max. 275 lbs.

I want to buy a stairlift with curves – why should I choose Summit?

We believe that your stairs should never form an obstacle for you. Summit Stairlifts was founded for the sole purpose of helping people use their stairs at home again. And that is what we do, every single day. We are pleased to welcome you to our customer base and we want you to be saitisfied with us, too! That is why, at Summit, you can always rely on the following.



Summit Stairlifts Customer Service

✔ Modern stairlifts with a lifelong warranty, including maintenance

✔3 premium brands: independent advice on the best make and model for your stairs and your budget

✔ Rush delivery within 24 hours is possible

✔ A reasonable price: no special discount prices, but with us, you can always rely on the best price

✔ Customized stairlifts

✔ Buy-back guarantee

✔ 24/7 stand-by repair service: and in the event of an emergency, our technicians can be dispatched to your home immediately

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