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Summit Stairlifts Assurances

We want you to be satisfied and sure of what you can expect from us.
That is why you can rely on our basic warranties.

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New and used premium brand stairlifts

As standard, you receive a 1-year warranty on all our new and used stairlifts. If you allow us to service your stairlift after 12 months, you will receive another 1-year warranty.


You can also choose to sign up for the Comfort Plan. For a fixed monthly amount, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and you will never be faced with high costs if we are called to repair a malfunction over the weekend, for example. Read more about the Comfort Plan here.

Summit Stairlifts Advisor and Customer

Independent advice

It is difficult to give comprehensive advice when not all of the quality options can be compared; that is why we specialize in three premium brands. As a dealer of these three leading brands, we are able to give you independent advice about which make and model are best suited for your stairs, your needs and your budget.


Read all about our service and warranty.

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A reasonable price

We know what the stairlifts cost to buy, what kind of modifications these require and what profit margins will keep our company running. That is exactly what we base our prices on. We don’t offer special discount prices, and we will never raise our prices only to offer “discounts” again later. At Summit, you can rely on the best price, and no hassles.



Happy Couple On The Couch With Stairlift From Summit

Rush delivery

The Summit purchasing and warehouse teams ensure that we always have a well-stocked inventory of new and used premium stairlifts. This inventory allows us to always deliver quickly.


On average, after you have placed your order, we will install your stairlift within roughly three weeks. Occasionally, this may take four weeks. If urgency is required, we can rush deliver your stairlift within 48 hours.

Welder From Summit Repairs A Used Stairlift

Customized stairlifts

Whether you choose to buy a new or used stairlift, our advisor will always measure your stairs. Based on these precise measurements, the stairlift will be built to suit your house perfectly. Before installation, the stairlifts are inspected and thoroughly tested with and without a load. Do you have specific requests when it comes to the colour or upholstery of your stairlift? We are happy help!

Summit Customers On The Couch

Buy-back guarantee

If you no longer need your stairlift, we will buy it back. We will immediately agree on an amount during the initial home visit. What happens to the stairlift? The stairlift will be given new life or we will use it for spare parts. This way, you are also helping someone else with their comfort and mobility at home.

Two Summit Mechanics On A Bus

24/7 Stand-by repair service

Our stand-by repair service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone at number 1-866-963-3801 (toll free). The best part is: they can often help you resolve the problem over the phone. Malfunctions can occur. It is often something small, and the repair service technician will often be able to resolve it over the phone. A malfunction may sometimes involve a technical problem. If this is the case, the stand-by repair service technician will come by. If it is urgent, the technician can be dispatched to your home immediately.

Like to read more in our free brochure?

If you would like to know more about our stairlifts and our service, we are here to help! You can request our free brochure without any obligation by using the button. If you enter your contact details, a brochure will be sent immediately to your e-mail or mailed to your home address.

Should you prefer to call and discuss we would like to hear from you. We are available on business days from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 1-866-963-3801 (toll free). Feel free to call us anytime!