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You can always rely on a 1-year warranty, even when our stairlift is no longer new. That’s our promise to you. We would like to generally explain what our warranty covers, what services we provide and how you can reach the stand-by repair service.

Warranty provision

The 1-year warranty period starts as soon as your stairlift has been installed. If you have your stairlift serviced once a year, the warranty period will be extended by another year. This applies to the entire lifetime of the stairlift, no matter how old the stairlift may be. This arrangement does not apply at every dealer: be sure to check.


You can find all of the warranty conditions on the sales receipt of your stairlift, or you can ask our customer service department.

You have the option of having your stairlift serviced annually, paying for individual servicing appointments or you can choose the Summit Comfort Plan. With the Comfort Plan, you never pay for on-call service charges, labour hours or parts* and you benefit from our 24/7 stand-by repair service free of charge and annual servicing for a fixed amount per month.

*Please note: batteries, power packs and user errors are not included.

Reporting a malfunction

Has your stairlift stalled? Or is there another kind of malfunction? Please contact our customer service at 1-866-963-3801 (toll free). We can often help you resolve the problem over the phone.


You can contact the same number on weekends and in the evenings: they will connect you to the stand-by repair service. It is important to us to come to your assistance quickly, which is why we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.