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Want to sell your stairlift?

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Is your old stairlift getting in the way? Summit Stairlifts not only installs stairlifts, we also buy second-hand stairlifts from the brands: TKE and UP Stairlifts. Within one week of contacting us, we can professionally remove your stairlift. You will be paid immediately, in cash or by bank transfer. Stairlift removal in three easy steps!

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Receive an offer on your stairlift in 3 easy ways:

  1. Send a WhatsApp message to 1-905-963-3801
  2. Call us at: 1-866-963-3801 (toll free)
  3. Use the form below

Step 1: Your stairlift

Stairlift Removal Mechanics 475x351

Stairlift removal must be handled professionally

Removing a stairlift is quite a task. Transporting the rail is also no easy feat. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this on your own.


Our stairlift technicians know all there is to know about assembly and disassembly. They can disassemble the stairlift in no time and are able to remove it in our extra-long vans. No problem at all! Our technicians will also remove the supports to ensure your staircase is back to normal again within an hour!


All you have to do is fill in any holes that may remain. But this is often something that people prefer to do on their own anyway. You may even have plans to renovate the entire staircase.

Two Summit Mechanics On A Bus

Arrange the sale of your stairlift within 48 hours!

If you want to sell your stairlift, you can contact us without any obligation. Our buyer will contact you within one business day. Our technicians can be at your location within 48 hours – even on Saturdays and in the evenings!


Stairlift disassembly is often completed within an hour. The stairlift is loaded into the van and you will immediately be paid the agreed amount. That means your stairlift is removed quickly, you make a pretty penny and your stairs go back to normal. Your old stairlift will then be refurbished and given a new home.

Removed Stairlifts 475x351

Sustainable solution

Our mission is help as many people as we can to live safely and comfortably at home for as long as possible.


It took a long time before stairlifts could be reused. As a result, buying a stairlift was too expensive for many people, even though they really needed it. At the same time, good stairlifts that were no longer being used were being thrown in the garbage. This had to change.


We have developed a smart way to refurbish and modify stairlifts to ensure they’re as good as new. And thousands of dollars cheaper. This means many more people can continue to live at home longer – and on a smaller budget, too. That’s why we’re happy to buy your used stairlift!

“Great company for supplying and disassembling stairlifts. Good service desk.”
Van de Eertwerk
“Nice guys, really neat and very polite.”
“Professional staff, quickly disassembled.”
Bas v. Harten

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