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Stairlift through Kijiji?
A good idea?

It often sounds better than it is.

In theory, it sounds like a good idea: for just a few hundred dollars, you can buy a stairlift on Kijiji which you can then install on your own – easy, right? No, not really. In reality, this is much more difficult than it seems. If the stairlift ends up being the wrong size (which is often the case with such precision work), you will literally be stuck. A stairlift is a costly investment that in almost all cases must be custom-made for the user and can almost never be taken from one home to another. Even if your staircase has a curve and you’ve purchased a Stairlift with a curve.


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The downside to buying a stairlift on Kijiji.

The biggest disadvantages to a Kijiji stairlift are:


  • -No maintenance history: risk of malfunctions
  • -The stairlift will almost never fit immediately
  • -The batteries will often need to be replaced
  • -Dirty upholstery, damaged/bent rail system
  • -Outdated software


Please also pay attention to the maintenance history: a stairlift requires maintenance in order to function properly and safely.

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Choose reliability – buy a used stairlift from a specialist

Summit Stairlifts has a large inventory of used stairlifts in stock. This expansive inventory makes it possible to match virtually every customer with the right stairlift. A used Summit stairlift:


  • Has been technically inspected
  • Features new upholstery and new batteries
  • Is given a new coat of paint
  • Comes with a warranty (combined with maintenance)
  • Functions and looks as good as new!
Summit Stairlifts Customer Service

In order to guarantee quality and ensure your satisfaction, we offer a number of guarantees.

You can count on these guarantees at Summit:


  • Modern stairlifts with warranty
  • All premium brands: independent advice on the best make and model for your stairs and your budget
  • Rush delivery within 24 hours is possible
  • A reasonable price: no special discount prices, but with us, you can always rely on the best price
  • Customized stairlifts
  • 24/7 stand-by repair service: and in the event of an emergency, our technicians can be dispatched to your home immediately

What does a second-hand stairlift cost at Summit?

A number of factors play a role in determining the price of the stairlift. For an exact price quote, we recommend that you and the advisor discuss your situation and needs. The home visit/consultation is free of charge and without any obligation. Together, you can compare the different models, because the top brands we offer all have their own unique features.

““I didn't expect to enjoy this so much.””
Gert and Marja from Krimpen a/d IJssel
““Extremely satisfied. Fast service and the technicians are friendly and patient.””
Mr. Bekkering from Soest
““Makes an enormous difference in price””
Mr. de Jonge from Harderwijk

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