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Acorn stairlift

Are you looking for an affordable Acorn stairlift?

Summit offers reliable Acorn stairlifts. These are special stairlifts: the rail is not made of one piece, but separate components to accommodate all possible inclination angles and curves. Our technician can custom-install the Acorn stairlift to fit your stairs.

The Acorn stairlift

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Why buy an Acorn stairlift from Summit?

We take your personal situation, your needs and your budget into account when installing the stairlifts. Together with our advisor, you can choose the best option for an Acorn stairlift. We have comprehensive expertise in every available option. We know that every stairlift brand has its own unique specifications suitable for certain situations — the Acorn stairlift, however, is a special stairlift. Thanks to the smart modular system, it is suitable for virtually any kind of stairs! Whether it concerns straight stairs or stairs with curves.

Acorn Stairlifts: a leading brand from England

Acorn Stairlifts is a leading brand on the stairlift market. These stairlifts are quite unique in the stairlift world. Not only thanks to the modular system, but also because of the fact that the controls are found in both armrests. The Acorn Stairlifts company is British, and these quality stairlifts are also manufactured in the United Kingdom. If one of these stairlifts from this brand catches your eye, you will guaranteed of having a unique, top-quality stairlift. Please know: we are very pleased to now be able to offer new and used Acorn stairlifts in Canada, too! Our warehouse is always well stocked, which means we can deliver these Acorn stairlifts in no time.

A smart, modular system

The modular system of the Acorn stairlifts ensures that these are suitable for virtually any kind of stairs. There are over 100 different rail components in a whole range of types and sizes. Any kind of inclination angle and curve can be accommodated. The rail can be customized to ensure that your stairlift follows the shape of your stairs perfectly. No stairs are too complicated for the Acorn stairlift. Even when you stairs feature several curves. Or multiple floors.


This smart modular system offers another advantage. Because thanks to the “Fast Track” system, the Acorn stairlift is also easy to install. Without having to drill in the walls. The modular rails of the Acorn stairlift are simply mounted on the stairs. This method preserves your walls and requires minimal adjustments to your home.


Acorn Stairlift 475x351

Features of the Acorn stairlift

  • Suitable for both straight and curved stairs
  • Mounted along the outer curve
  • Compact seat
  • The only model that offers controls on both armrests
  • Short delivery times because the rail can assembled on location
  • Retractable rail option
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • 265 lbs.

Details Acorn traplift

What does the Acorn stairlift cost?

The price of the Acorn stairlift depends on a number of factors. Just like with other brands, your particular stair situation largely determines the price. That includes how many curves your stairs have. Or whether there is enough room for the seat or if an extra curve must be created so that you can neatly park the seat. Generally speaking, the more rail components are required to make your stairlift fit, the higher the price of the stairlift. There are also extra options available such as an automatic floor plate.


Our advisors can tell you everything you need know about all of the available options and pricing. They are happy to come visit you without any obligation whatsoever. Together, you can discuss your unique stair situation, your budget and the amount of time you require for using the stairlift. Rush delivery (within 48 hours) is often possible! The advisor can give you an estimate based on the discussion.



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We believe that your stairs should never form an obstacle for you. Summit Stairlifts was founded for the sole purpose of helping people use their stairs at home again. And that is what we do, every single day. We are pleased to welcome you to our customer base and we want you to be saitisfied with us, too! That is why, at Summit, you can always rely on the following.

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