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ThyssenKrupp Stairlift

ThyssenKrupp Stairlifts from Summit

ThyssenKrupp is the absolute market leader when it comes to innovation and design. These stairlifts are designed to perfectly blend into your interior and take up as little space as possible on your stairs. Superior in comfort, a ThyssenKrupp stairlift is the finest quality on the market.

ThyssenKrupp, which now goes by the name of TKE, is one of the most renowned German manufacturers of stairlifts. Summit has a vast inventory of ThyssenKrupp models, because many people looking to buy a ThyssenKrupp stairlift choose to do so through Summit!

Thyssenkrupp Stairlift assortment

Summit Stairlifts Advisor and Customer

Why purchase a ThyssenKrupp Stairlift from Summit?

The stairlifts from German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp are distinguished by their durability and smart technology. If you are looking for a stairlift that matches perfectly with your interior, you’ve come to the right address at ThyssenKrupp. These stairlifts can be installed on virtually any stairs: no stairwell is too complicated for ThyssenKrupp. What’s more, these stairlifts are also most often suited for reuse. All of the ThyssenKrupp models also feature many safety options as standard.


At Summit, you can choose from the entire ThyssenKrupp range. New and used. Which do you prefer? Our advisors are happy to discuss the possibilities, your wishes and your budget with you.




Choosing a used stairlift can save you up to thousands of dollars compared to a new stairlift. But, the quality remains the same. All of our used stairlifts are inspected, refurbished and tested in our workshop. That’s why we offer a warranty on all our used models!

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Our range of ThyssenKrupp Stairlifts

We have the following ThyssenKrupp models in stock:


  • ThyssenKrupp Flow
  • ThyssenKrupp Flow X / S200
  • ThyssenKrupp Levant

ThyssenKrupp Flow

The ThyssenKrupp Flow model is suitable for any kind of stairs: straight stairs, stairs with curve(s) and even spiral stairs. For placement along the inner curve or the outer curve. Also suitable for very narrow stairwells. The seat and the footrest can easily be unlinked to make getting on and off the stairlift easy. Thanks to smart technology, the seat will remain perfectly horizontal in every curve and on all inclines. This ensures that you are stable and safe while seated. The seat itself is wide and comfortable, but tales up little room and is virtually noiseless when traversing the stairs. Available in all kinds of colours and upholstery options. The ThyssenKrupp Flow is not for nothing the best-selling stairlift in our assortment.

ThyssenKrupp Flow

ThyssenKrupp Flow 2

  • The only stairlift that is able to go down the stairs without electricity
  • Most popular stairlift
  • For all kinds of stairs: straight, curved, spiral stairs
  • Inner and outer curve
  • Suitable for very narrow stairs
  • Very comfortable seat that stays perfectly balanced during the ride
  • Wide range of upholstery options for the seat
  • Automatic swivel seat option
  • Single rail
  • 275 lbs.

Details ThyssenKrupp Flow

ThyssenKrupp Flow X

Flow X/S200

The ThyssenKrupp S200 is the latest model in the successful Flow series. It was introduced in 2021 and is also known as the Flow X. The S200 has the good qualities of the previous Flow models. Comes equipped with the most modern safety features and technological advances. This stairlift is truly noiseless and provides a supremely smooth ride up and down the stairs.

Flow X/S200 Details

ThyssenKrupp Levant

The ThyssenKrupp Levant, also known as the Homeglide, is specially designed for straight stairs. The minimalist design lends the Levant a sleek appeal. The Levant also has a deluxe version, the Levant Extra. The Levant Extra features a deluxe seat in various colours with automatic swivel. This makes getting on and off the stairlift even easier.

ThyssenKrupp Levant
  • For straight stairs
  • Sleek design
  • Automatic swivel seat option
  • Suitable for heavier users
  • Retractable rail option
  • Single rail
  • 320 lbs

ThyssenKrupp Levant Details

Welder From Summit Repairs A Used Stairlift

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Want to buy a second-hand ThyssenKrupp model?

ThyssenKrupp stairlifts are ideally suited to be reused.  As a ThyssenKrupp dealer, we keep a vast inventory in our warehouse in Ontario, so we are always able to supply the correct spare parts quickly. In very complex stairwell situations, this is often the only model that will fit really well!


Our technicians will precisely measure the dimensions of your stairs. Based on this information, the stairlift will be custom-made for your specific stairs. This will ensure a perfect fit and you can enjoy having a first-class ThyssenKrupp Stairlift, but at a lower price.

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