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Used stairlifts

Used stairlifts from Summit – modern, high-quality stairlifts with warranty

Pre-owned stairlifts: Summit has specialized in the sale of these for years. Summit was the first stairlift company to start buying used or reconditioned stairlifts in order to give them new life. We know what to look for when we buy used stairlifts for reuse: we only buy premium brand models no older than a few years, which we then offer with a warranty.


The best part is that our customers benefit from all the functions and options of a new, high-quality stairlift, but at a fraction of the price of a new one.

A Beige Stairlift With Curves Along The Inside

Reusing pre-owned stairlifts

Stairlifts are very durable products, made to be used intensely for years. After a little maintenance, they are ideally suited for reuse. Summit only buys relatively new, second-hand stairlifts from these leading brands: ThyssenKrupp, UP Stairlifts and Acorn. This ensures that we only offer top-quality reconditioned stairlifts.

The technicians in our workshop perform a thorough technical inspection of all the used stairlifts – replacing the parts prone to wear and tear and when necessary, adding a fresh coat of paint. If desired, the seat can also be newly upholstered. This way, you can be sure your pre-owned stairlift meets all the safety requirements, functions properly and looks great.


Also good to know: to ensure quality, we only refurbish the used stairlifts that we buy once. If we buy the stairlift back again after that, we will only use it for spare parts.


Customer From Summit Stairlifts On A Straight Stairlift With Mechanic

Benefits of a used stairlift

✔ Much more affordable than new stairlifts

✔ All modern functions and options

✔ With warranty

✔ Safe and made to look like new

✔ Sustainable, less waste

✔ Value preserved


A few examples of our pre-owned stairlifts

Summit Stairlifts Advisor and Customer

Buying a used stairlift

Buying a used stairlift is easy at Summit.


  1. Feel free to contact us on the website or give us a call at 1-866-963-3801 (toll free)
  2. We discuss your situation, give a price estimate and schedule an appointment
  3. Our advisor will then visit your home to discuss your preferences and measure your stairs. You will immediately receive an estimate. Once you agree to the estimate and place your order, we will start working on your stairlift in the workshop and you can expect it to be installed within a few weeks. If urgency is required, installation is also possible within 48 hours.


Our technicians won’t leave until everything has been neatly cleaned up and you feel comfortable using the stairlift. We take all the time we need to ensure you are satisfied!


Warranty with second-hand stairlifts

Just like with a new stairlift, Summit also provides a warranty on a used stailift. This is a 1-year warranty as standard. At Summit, you also have the option of buying a lifetime warranty combined with the Summit Comfort plan.

Welder From Summit Repairs A Used Stairlift

Is a used stairlift safe?

The used stairlifts have the same built-in safety systems as new stairlifts, and you can rest assured that these are just as safe. Before we install a used stairlift, it has been thoroughly inspected and tested with and without a load.

Is there something in the way on the stairs? No problem. The stairlift will detect the object and come to a halt. When the battery is almost empty, lights will start blinking. When the seat is not placed on the charger correctly, a warning signal will sound. Most of the stairlifts we provide will still be able to go down the stairs on an empty battery. This applies to all three of the leading brands.


You will be safe when you take a ride on a pre-owned stairlift: the armrests are properly positioned around you and every stairlift has a safety belt.  Some models even have a built-in telephone with pre-programmed emergency numbers.


So, you can rest assured – you are perfectly safe on a used stairlift from Summit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can call us day or night on any day of week!


Stairlift On Narrow Stairs

Suitable for any stairs

Because Summit only sells used stairlifts from the three leading brands, we can objectively compare stairlifts and offer you the best options at the lowest possible price. We have a vast inventory with all kinds of stairlifts. We will always be able to provide a used stairlfit that can be modified to suit your stairs. It is only on very rare occasions that we are unable to find a suitable pre-owned stairlift. Even then, we can still assist you. For example, we can customize part of the stairlift to make it work.

Inventory Of Used Stairlifts

The price of used stairlifts

The best part of buying a used stairlift is the price. It can cost up to 60% less than a new stairlift. The price of a stairlift is largely determined by the shape of the stairs, or as we call it, the “stair situation”.


The general rule is: the more curves, the more expensive the stairlift. The length of the staircase also plays a role. If a stairlift needs to span more than one floor, it will also cost more. Options like a special footrest, controls, upholstery or special coat of paint on the rail can also increase the price of a used stairlift.

Handsome Gentleman On Stairlift

Renting a used stairlift

At Summit, we also make it possible to lease or rent a stairlift! With sustainable, smart reuse, you save money. Read about our leasing and rental options here.

A Curved Stairlift Around The Outside

Buying a stairlift on Kijiji

Are you considering buying a stairlift on Kijiji? We have a number of tips for you! Please read this article.

Summit Stairlifts Advisor

Looking for a pre-owned stairlift for your home?

If you are curious if a pre-owned stairlift is suitable for your stair situation, please contact our advisors. You can call them at 1-866-963-3801 (toll free) on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. or you can always send an e-mail. We are here to help!

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