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Summit Stairlifts and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility starts with us.

At Summit, we find it important to ensure there is a proper balance between social, economic and environmental aspects. With the belief that Corporate Social Responsibility starts with us, we employ a sustainable purchasing policy and we feel it is important to know what the origin and manner of production of the purchased stairlifts are.

We strive to do business according to contemporary beliefs about social fairness. Sustainable business can only be achieved when three aspects — People, Planet and Profit — are equally fulfilled and respected.

Social responsibility

Working together ensures a better future, not only for Summit, but also for the rest of the world. That is why we not only strive for economic success, but we are also aware of our social responsibility and we act accordingly.

Removed Stairlifts 475x351

Reusing a stairlift is sustainable business

Our used stairlifts provide an affordable and sustainable solution for everyone who wants to continue living safely in the comfort of their own home. Renovating and relocating a used stairlift is less taxing on the environment than producing and installing a new stairlift and many spare parts are also reused. At the same time, the purchase price for the customers is lowered. We make sure the routes our advisors and technicians take are optimally planned, so that we do not burden the environment with unnecessary trips and CO2 emissions.

Cradle to cradle: completing the material cycle


At the end of the economic lifetime of a used stairlift, we can disassemble it and reuse virtually all the parts as valuable resources for a new stairlift or other product. We strive to uphold the cradle-to-cradle principle as much as possible in our policy and already take this into account when we purchase a used stairlift. Completing the material cycle is one the objectives we strive for.

A good balance between a healthy living and working environment


We find it important that our customers can continue to live in the home where they feel safe. We also want to offer our employees an enjoyable work environment. We make sure there is a good balance between employees, employer and business partners. We like to work together with like-minded people and partners with a social perspective, and we are always looking to improve our policies in regard to Corporate Social Responsibility. On their coffee breaks, our staff is only served coffee or tea with the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified label.

Woord En Daad

Supporting charities

The world is so much bigger than that of our customers and colleagues alone. That is why we support a number of charities in order to help improve the living environment of those less fortunate. Among others, we sponsor Legion, Ontario Command, Mission Aviation Fellowship and Ontario Parks.


At Summit, all waste streams are carefully separated and the different materials are collected in separate containers. Whenever possible, we will choose the most environmentally-conscious options.

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